Crikvenica Town

In a sunny climate, where the sea and mountain air meet, in an area of refreshing warmth,
Crikvenica is nestled in between crystal clear waters and the lush green highland.

It is one of the oldest holiday destinations on the Mediterranean and is especially impressive due to its mild climate and its luscious green flora. The fresh air, free from allergens, the clean sea and beaches, and the Mediterranean vegetation
have made Crikvenica into a well-known and favourite year-round holiday destination for people of all ages.

The Crikvenica “Riviera” runs from Jadranovo in the north all the way to Selce in the south connecting these two places by means of a lively beach promenade.

The many cultural events and entertainments programme ensure that every guest looking for something special on holiday will find it in Crikvenica. Walks along the beach, hiking in the mountains, a variety of water sports and sports on dry land, fishing festivals, masked balls, dancing and entertainment in cafes and nightclubs, daytrips by boat or bus – there’s something here for everyone!


Crikvenica’s beaches extend over a length of approximately 8 km.
They are connected by a beautiful promenade and can be reached within 10 to 20 minutes on foot from the accommodation.
The closest beach is reached by an approximate 10-minute walk, and is situated directly below the accommodation.
The beaches are mostly divided into smaller bays and are mostly pebble beaches.
The Mediterranean greenery which frames the entire coastal area gives the beaches a very natural and pleasant flair.

Due to the clear water of the highest quality, Crikvenica is regularly designated a “Blue Flag beach”
- the European certification for the purity of the sea.

It is possible to rent sunbeds and umbrellas on most beaches.
You may also take your own umbrella and beach mats.

The sandy beach
is a popular meeting point for young and old and offers everything that you need for a relaxing day at the seaside:
water sport areas, volleyball fields, a children’s playground, a large waterslide, showers, changing cabins,
massage pavilions, small fruit and vegetable stands, bakery…

The sandy beach extends along the promenade from the end of the town centre to the small harbour Crni Mol. For this part of the beach you will have to pay a small entrance fee.
As the water is very shallow this beach is very popular with families with small children.

Dog beach
Please note that dogs are not allowed on all beaches.
The small beaches which are not leased are mostly excluded from this rule.
Crikvenica’s official dog beach can be reached within 10 minutes on foot from our house.
Further beaches on which dogs are allowed are situated below our house in the direction of Selce. (10 - 15 minutes on foot)
Alternatively, you may also visit the beaches in the direction of the Kacjak peninsula.

How to find us


For your arrival we recommend the following routes:

Munich > Salzburg > Villach > Ljubljana > Postojna > Ilirska Bistrica > border crossing at Rupa
> Rijeka > Crikvenica
We recommend the following route during heavy holiday traffic: Postojna > Kozina > border crossing at Pasjak > Rijeka
If you decide to use this route, please stay on the motorway at Postojna in the direction of Koper. After approximately 30 km, please take the exit marked Kozina and drive on in the direction of Rijeka/Reka.
This route is easier to drive as it does not follow such a winding road.

How to find us
Drive on past the first exit for Crikvenica. Shortly after the large bridge you will reach a second exit to the town
which brings you straight to our holiday home. Follow the main road for 300 meters.
Now you will see a large school building on the left side of the street, directly in front of the school you will see a large mirror, used to check for oncoming traffic.
Please turn right, and drive uphill directly after the restaurant Gušti.
Warning: part of the road is very narrow and only suitable for one-way-traffic!

Please take the first turning on the left, then take a sharp turning to the right and drive uphill,
then take another right and you will be in Ribarska Ulica.
After about 50 meters you will see Laurora on the left side – your second home. Welcome!

Arriving by plane
Various airlines have added the airport of Rijeka/Krk to their flight plans.
Please be aware that this can change according to the season. For more information please visit

Alternatively, you can use Zagreb airport which is about two hours’ drive from Crikvenica. The flight prices are often cheaper and flights are available nearly every day throughout the whole year. For more information please visit

The surrounding areas

Get to know our wonderful country.
Combine a few quiet days on the beach with day trips inland that will surely leave a lasting impression.
Visit nature’s unique playgrounds, enjoy the magical scenery with its hidden pearls and leave your worries behind…

The Plitvice Lakes

The Plitvice Lakes is the most well-known of Croatia’s national parks.

In 1979, thanks to their natural beauty, UNESCO declared the lakes an “area of outstanding natural beauty”.

The main attraction, one which is unique in the world, is the 16 small lakes which are fed by countless streams and rivers,
and which are stepped one above the other.

The lakes, which were formed by a special limestone process, and are linked together by wild waterfalls and cascades,
create a spectacular landscape. The park includes the source of the river Korana, which is surrounded by thick,
in places, pre-historic, pine and fir woods.
In addition to the lakes, you will find many caves, woods and wild flower meadows in the park.

A walk along the well sign-posted educational ways and paths, together with a boat trip and a ride on the Panorama train,
allows you to discover the Plitvice lakes and makes your visit a memorable experience.

We recommend:
The lakes can be visited daily. We recommend a visit from Monday to Thursday
as there are less visitors then which will make your visit and journey there a more comfortable one.
Depending on which route you take, you should plan 3 – 6 hours for your trip.
Please note that the lakes are situated inland and that the temperature is on average 8 -10°C cooler than at the coast.
To enjoy the scenery we recommend that you wear comfortable shoes and cothes.

The journey to the lakes takes about 2 hours.

More information can be found at:

The Brijuni Islands

Brijuni National Park contains 14 magical green islands, dipped in the blue sea,
lying in front of the west Istrian coast near to Pula. The whole area covers 36 km².

The unique combination of flora and fauna in natural harmony make this archipelago a one-off.
The group of islands also stand out because of their valuable cultural inheritance from the Roman and Byzantine eras.
The islands’ unique beauty has turned them into a beloved place of rehabilitation
for international prominent people and aristocrats.
On the islands, hidden away in the wonderful nature, is one of the oldest golf courses in Europe.

We recommend:
In order to visit the islands we recommend to purchase tickets in advance (
The organised visit, which includes a strip to the safari park and a ride on the tourist train, last approximately 2 hours.
It is also possible to spend a whole day in the island and top discover it on your own with the "Brijuni Pocket Guide App".
Once on the island, it is possible to hire bicycles or electric cars.

Journey time approx. 1,5 hour

The Postojna Caves

A unique natural monument which UNESCO has placed under special protection,
hidden in the hinterland of the much visited Istrian coast – we’re talking about the Adelsberg caves,
one of the most impressive karst cave systems in Europe.
So far, only about 27 km of this subterranean labyrinth has been discovered.
The caves, which lie approx.70 km north of Rijeka, developed over many thousands of years in the karst landscape of Slovenia. 
Over many years, the weather turned the cracks in the limestone to cliffs and caves.
A two-tiered cave system developed through this process.
Its old 6km long “upper tier” is today open for tourists.
Over the past 200,000 years, many bizarre stalactites and stalagmites have formed.

We recommend:
The temperature inside the Adelsberg Caves is fairly constant the whole year around and stays at 8°C. Visitors definitely should have warm clothing with them when taking part in the one and a half hour long guided tour. You should also protect yourself from the water which constantly drips from the roof of the caves. A small electrical train takes you 2.5 km into the caves.

We recommend that you visit the caves on your journey to of from us.
The guided tours take place in many languages.
More information can be found at:

Journey time approx. 1,5 hour

Island of Krk

Lakes, streams, mountains, bountiful fields, meadows, woods, countless sand, pebble and rocky bays,
healing earth and caves, ancient wood paths which run past archaeological sites, kilometre long coastal paths,
summer fun and the pleasure of solitary beaches.

Krk is a magical island, which, covering more than 400m², is the largest in the Adriatic Sea.
It is joined to the mainland by means of a 1,4km long bridge for vehicles.

With its town walls and door, and its cathedral, the main town of Krk is strongly influenced by its medieval beginnings.
A romantic old town, small fishing harbours, plenty of bars and restaurants,; these are the things that give the town its character. The wonderful surrounding Mediterranean countryside, the twisty narrow alleyways, the picturesque pebble beaches,
all of these have remained unchanged for centuries.
More information can be found at:

We recommend and whole day’s round trip taking in Krk > Baska > Vrbnik with a beach stop in Baska.


In a wonderful bay in front of the picturesque backdrop of the rocky mountain, Velebit and the Island of Prvić, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and broom, Baška well earns its title of the most visited bathing area on the Island of Krk. Tourists are attracted by the unique 1800 metre long pebble beach; one of the most beautiful along the Adriatic coast.
More information can be found at:


The picturesque beauty of old town of Vrbnik, situated on a high, steep cliff, 50m above sea level,
attracts guests, tourists and artists alike. Its bell tower makes this the only place which is visible from afar
when you approach the island’s east coast from the sea.

It is one of the oldest towns on Krk. Here you can find the narrowest alleyways, a castle which once belonged to the Frankopanis, and a historical church and chapel. Small, cosy wine cellars and restaurants invite you to try their specialities.
It is especially known for its vineyards and authentic white wine Vrbnička Žlahtina.

According to archaeological finds, Vrbnik is over 900 years old


Opatija, is a traditional spa town that has kept its charm throughout its over 100 year history.
Its many renovated villas lend their glamour to the attractiveness of the town.

Opatija is at one with nature. It offers well-tended parkland, lovely natural seaside pools and fountains,
as well as a romantic seaside promenade, the "Lungomare".
This cobbled path which winds around every bay along its 12 km route
and offers new and fascinating views every hundred metres, is a wonderful place
from which to discover the magic of the sea and the countryside.
The path leads you past grand hotels, open-air cafes, yacht harbours, and villas
situated in parkland and surrounded by exotic vegetation.

We recommend:
Have lunch in the traditional restaurant Ružmarin (
– enjoy delicious Croatian specialities in beautiful surroundings.
Take a walk along the Lungomare path and a relaxing break on the terrace of the hotel Milenij with its beautiful views.
Driving time about 45 minutes

Vinodol area

A beautiful area that is often visited by hikers and nature lovers, extends into the Crikvenica hinterland.
Situated about 20 minutes’ drive from the coast, you will find dense beech forests,
whose treasures especially attract mushroom pickers.
This beautiful karst landscape offers the ideal starting point for hiking tours.
With a bit of luck you can see some of the numerous horses which graze freely in this area… .
Rustic cabins provide relaxation opportunities offering light refreshments and typical local meals.

One must not forget the small sleepy villages with their romantic alleys or the popular hills
which offer spectacular views of the sea and the enchanting countryside.

We recommend:
Have a lunch in the traditional hiker's hut “Vagabundina koliba” and enjoy delicious Croatian specialities in original surroundings.